Angel Factories? Are we building Angels?

This should turn into a story about how we came to be Angel Factories. The Long Answer below is a good place to start.

Shortest Answer

Yes and No.

Kind of Short Answer

We’re encouraging the development of people, organizations and communities who provide leadership toward “higher goals” — but higher goals which are not necessarily specific to any particular religious doctrine.

Long answer

Spring 2011, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition hosted 500 cyclists of all ages on a bicycle tour of the newborn BeltLine. To enjoyably and safely escort several hundred riders through Atlanta’s urban and hilly motorscape, about 40 capable volunteers were trained to lead. Those ride leaders were called “Bike Angels”.

The bike part was knowing the routes, obeying bike-appropriate traffic rules, and keeping the group together.

The angel part was more ethereal, but had the following qualities:

  • Leads by example
  • Offers positive and uplifting encouragement
  • Watches over and directly intervenes only if necessary
  • Opens the doors to happiness, if not love

These angel qualities are latent in all of us.  Angel Factories recognize, develop, and bring forth those latent qualities.