How to Build a (non-violent) Movement


You’ve stepped outside the grocery store with both arms full of your groceries and you spot a car rolling driverless down the hill toward a family loading their groceries into the back of their car. Someone needs to do something. Are you the person who does something?

There’s a story about ourselves that we’re sometimes reluctant to tell. When we recognize that something needs to be done, are we the ones who do something? I often find I can use a little encouragement to make those stories my own and maybe you have a similar story about yourself.

The Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies is encouragement for those who recognize something needs to be done, but aren’t sure how to go about taking action. This set of cartoons lays out a number of strategies for building your own movement.

What are the main components for a successful nonviolent movement? Learn how to build a nonviolent movement in under 45 minutes – here!

Source: Cartoon Training Subtitles: Khmer, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Hebrew — CANVAS

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