Earning your Wings

Capture of the levels and example activities.

  • Each Angel Factory has a set of Badges it awards.
  • Each Badge has a Path
  • Each Path has a set of Levels that follow this sequence
    • Awareness
    • Competency
    • Capacity to train
    • Leadership

A simple example: Cooking Breakfast Badge

  • Awareness Level
    • Eaten variety of prepared breakfasts
    • Read recipes
    • Watched others prepare breakfast
  • Competency Level
    • Followed recipes to prepare breakfast
    • Obtained ingredient lists
    • Assembled kitchen implements to prepare and serve the meal
  • Teaching Level
    • Helped others follow recipe
    • Organized team to prepare different parts of a meal
  • Leadership
    • Create and share new recipes
    • Use Breakfast for other purposes
    • Spread new ideas about Breakfast or old ideas in new ways
    • New methods for disabled people to prepare their own breakfast.

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