Diagram of the Action-oriented — How the Pillars support the Actions?

Inspiration leading to becoming part of something bigger and turn it into real changes.


  • Inspired, not stirred
    • Where does your energy come from?
    • Is it your own energy?
    • After survival, why would we want to survive? (Friendship, belonging, service — no survival value, but that’s what makes surviving valuable)
  • Relationships & People are more important than Things or Time
    • Purpose
    • Service to others
    • Becoming part of something bigger than ourselves
  • Face Forward in Wonderment
    • Path: everyone has their own path
    • we’re at different places on our path
    • there’s always someone ahead of us and someone behind us; we are both teachers and students no matter our position on the path
    • Curiosity leads us down the path: let the other pillars steer what you are curious about — wonderment
  • Be the change you want to see in the world
    • Gratitude for your situation and those that help you
    • Pay attention to your path,
    • Recognize those who have joined you on your path
    • Tell stories about your path and what you find curious


I’m liking the diagram I’ve been assembling:

Work in Progress
Work in Progress

The problem is this is way too much to bite off.  Need to turn this into leading the user down a path:

  1. If money were no object …
  2. What lifts you? Are you inspired? Do you have a dream?
  3. Do you see a path that brings you to your dreams?
  4. Let’s enlist others.
  5. Let’s make it real.

Pillars are for standards

Path-Finding is an action

  • Questioning to find your spark(s)
  • Tell Stories to reach outward and connect
  • Make them real

Also see: https://ticktick.com/#p/58a276b5ae4feac3f4ff8239/tasks/58ff3ac9fe991563656cff43

There are five pillars upon which Angel Factories build and are themselves built:

  • Angels become the change they want to see in the world.
  • Each soul must travel it’s own path, but we can find others whom we can share both long and short parts of the journey.
  • We are both teachers and students at different times.
  • We belong to something bigger than ourselves, but it may take time to sort that out. Happiness comes from sorting that out and finding connections with our fellow travelers.

Angel Factories provide guidance on becoming an angel for yourself.