Scoring Angel Factories

Here’s a proposed roadmap for measuring Angel Factories.  There are many factors making up the criteria.  The diagram below shows the relationships between the criteria.

Angel Criteria Mind Map

Main Criteria

There are six main criteria. Most have sub-criteria.

  • Social Wealth Economic Indicator: An “intangible” measurement that we’re attempting to make more tangible. The most important sub-criteria is a thorough exploration of the purpose — the WHY.
  • Lightness: Does the measure inspire us (attactive) or scare us (aversion)?
  • Remarkability: Does the SWEI have legs?  Would people willingly get behind the purpose of the SWEI? Would they talk about it with others?
  • Levels / Progression: Growth
  • Paths and Maps: These are how the badges are defined. There are multiple paths which together form a Map.
  • Volumetrics: hard numbers that can be counted and helps us monitor performance.