Skill Progression 

As our knowledge and skill progress, we move from Student to Teacher. This describes five levels of knowledge and skill recognized by Angel Factories.

  1. Awareness
  2. Proficiency
  3. Capacity to Train others
  4. Leadership
  5. Angel

Characteristics of Awareness

  • Able to recognize, name, classify and describe the significant relationships.
  • Able to participate in discussions
  • Knowledge is gained by reading and listening rather than acting out and practicing


  • Able to perform a skill repeatably and with confidence
  • After repetition, able to perform without thinking about the steps
  • Sometimes able to perform without being able to explain the exact steps

Capacity to Train others

  • Able to break down the steps for others to follow
  • Able to assess current skill level of others and map out a plan to improve
  • Able to offer praise and encouragement


  • Able to identify latent needs that haven’t yet been recognized
  • Able to communicate the utility in meeting the need


  • Supports personal growth in others
  • Brings to bear Inter-disciplinary knowledge and experience
  • Inspires both by words and deeds

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