Theory of Badge


Experiences instead of Possessions (Articles)

Growth instead of Competition

Contributions instead of Trophies

Praise is Public, Criticism is Private

Where does your meaning come from?


Possessions maybe easier to count. Here’s some help with counting our experiences.

There are many ways to “score points”

  • Number of clues solved
  • Completeness of profile for scoring
  • Network coverage (participation level)
  • Contributor of routes/clues
  • Leader Level for groups
  • Alternate Modes badges: MARTA Train, MARTA Bus, Bike Share
  • Sponsor-centric (based on number of visits?)
  • Dating Score
  • Reviews / online engagement
  • Sponsor badges for bike friendliness (parking, recognition of cycling patrons, contributions to cycling infrastructure)


Increasing our skills to become the best we can

  • Seeker – Grasshopper learning how to get around the cool spots in the city on bike.
  • Guide – Demonstrated ability to lead cyclists.

Many of the Actors will progress with increasing titles that describe a progression from specified to specifying.


Research the ways in which we’ve measured progress along Maslow’s Needs hieararchy.


Giving back to the Community