There’s a story about how Angel Factories came into being, but if you want to fast-forward to WHY Angel Factories came into being, keep on reading.


The purpose of Angel Factories:

  • To recognize and nurture what inspires us, so we can live our own dreams


Build networks of communities that recognize and reward Social Wealth 

  • Achievement and Skill
  • Capacity
  • Leadership


We have Gross Domestic Product. Why not Social Wealth Economic Indicators?

We get what we measure.  If executives are compensated based on hitting the last quarter’s dividend targets, we get more money for the stockholders. If executives are rewarded for the number of miles walked per employee, we get healthier employees.

Defining new “bottom-lines” — all sorts of bottom-lines — allows us rank and allocate resources to endeavors that are otherwise priceless.

Assigning a number is one part.  The other part is community trust that the number is treated fairly by all members of the community. The value of a currency is trusting the currency can be exchanged fairly across all parties.


Define and Award electronically-verifiable Badges attesting to Social Wealth

Angel Factories provides:

  • Definitions of what makes a good Social Wealth Economic Indicator
  • Progressive levels of achievement, skill, capacity and leadership awarded as Open Badges
  • Evaluations and Recognition of organizations and communities who are building working Social Wealth exchanges.

Today, Education is making use of Open Badges. The availability of low-cost tools makes the time ripe for expanding this ability to other communities.